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Founded in 2011, JHP Plastic provides high-quality and comprehensive plastic resin procurement solutions to worldwide manufacturers. Having established decades-long relationships and trust with global petrochemical brands like Sinopec, Secco, LG Chem, and CNPC, we have developed extensive industry knowledge, talent networks, and resources. Our advantageous products include PP, PE, PS, and ABS, catering to diverse applications such as automotive, home appliances, medical care, hospitality, office supplies, and more. With locations in Yangzhou and Hong Kong, we offer services for coastal ports and fast transportation routes, ensuring swift international connectivity.

Our mission is to deliver excellent integrated plastic procurement solutions and drive customer success. We aim to facilitate the improvement of global living standards. Our values are openness, intelligence, integrity, and diligence.


Wider Range of Products

As a leading plastic resin trader in China, acts as a licensed distributor for major manufacturers. Therefore, we can offer a wide range of plastic resin grades from various suppliers to meet your specific needs. Moreover, with our extensive resources, we ensure competitive pricing and high-quality delivery. Therefore, you can trust JHP for all your plastic resin requirements.

Lower MOQ

At JHP, we understand that different customers have different needs when it comes to ordering products. Moreover, we offer lower MOQs to provide more flexibility for our customers. Unlike other factories that may require a large amount of order, we aim to accommodate our customers’ needs by offering lower MOQs. As a result, you can order the quantity that best suits your needs, without having to worry about meeting a high minimum requirement.

Better Payment Terms

We understand the importance of providing convenient payment options for our customers. Unlike most factories that require payment in advance, we offer various payment methods to suit your needs. In addition, one of the payment methods we offer is LC. This method allows you to make payment through a financial institution, providing security and convenience for your funds.

Efficient Logistic

At JHP, we understand that the ability to deliver your material is just as crucial as having the right material in stock. Whether you follow a sophisticated inventory stocking model like Kanban or have dynamic inventory replenishment needs, our world-class logistics team is dedicated to ensuring that your material is carefully prepared, efficiently shipped, and delivered precisely when and where you need it.


sinopec plastic resin
CNPC plastic resin
LG CHEM plastic resin
SECCO BP plastic resin partner


  • SINOPEC is China’s largest supplier of finished oil and petrochemical products.

  • It is the 2nd largest oil and gas producer in China.

  • SINOPEC is the world’s largest refining company.

  • It is the 2nd largest chemical company globally.

  • In 2022, SINOPEC was ranked 5th among Fortune Global 500 companies.


  • CNPC is a crucial China state-owned enterprise and it is a comprehensive international energy company that integrates domestic and international oil and gas exploration and development, new energy, refining and sales, new materials, support and services, capital, and finance businesses.
  • CNPC operates oil and gas investment projects in 32 countries and regions worldwide.
  • In 2022, CNPC ranked 3rd among the top 50 global oil companies and 4th in the Fortune Global 500 list of the world’s largest companies.


  • Founded in 1947.
  • LG Chem operates in the fields of petrochemicals, advanced materials, and life sciences.
  • LG Chem aims to become a leading science-oriented corporation that creates value for customers.
  • Global presence: LG Chem has a widespread network and branches across Korea, Europe, Asia, and America.
  • Sales (as of 2022): KRW 51.86 trillion.
  • Number of Employees (as of 2022): Approximately 19,500.


  • SECCO is a Sino-foreign joint venture established by Ineos & Sinopec
  • SECCO has the design capacity for large-scale chemical facilities including:
    • polyethylene (600,000 tons/year)
    • polystyrene (300,000 tons/year)
    • polypropylene (250,000 tons/year), and more.
  • It supplies over 3.2 million tons of high-quality, multi-specification, and wide-ranging petrochemical products to the market annually.


Biobased Products

In recent years, there has been increasing global concern about the environmental impact of plastics. As a result, the development and use of eco-friendly plastics have gained significant attention. Eco-friendly plastics, also known as biodegradable or sustainable plastics, are designed to minimize harm to the environment throughout their lifecycle.

Unlike traditional plastics derived from fossil fuels, eco-friendly plastics are typically made from renewable resources such as plant-based materials like cornstarch, sugarcane, or cellulose. These materials can be replenished and reduce the reliance on non-renewable resources.

One of the key advantages of eco-friendly plastics is their ability to biodegrade. When exposed to certain environmental conditions, such as moisture, heat, and microorganisms, they break down into natural elements like water, carbon dioxide, and biomass. This process significantly reduces their environmental impact and helps to prevent long-lasting pollution caused by conventional plastics.

Furthermore, eco-friendly plastics can also be recycled, further extending their lifecycle and reducing waste. By implementing proper collection systems and recycling facilities, these plastics can be turned into new products, reducing the need for virgin materials and the associated environmental impact.

In conclusion, eco-friendly plastics offer a promising solution to mitigate the negative effects of traditional plastics on the environment. With their renewable sources, biodegradability, and recycling potential, they contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to plastic usage.


The dedicated team at JHP will collaborate closely with you throughout the entire process, working hand in hand to ensure the realization of your project goals.

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