Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) 2023 Week41 Price Index

Price Index

ABS Price Index

ABS Price Index

WeekDate RangeCNY/tonUSD/ton

Please note that the USD values are approximate, based on an exchange rate of 7.3 CNY/USD.

Market Overview

The ABS market prices from China experienced a decline this week. The holiday period saw a decrease in crude oil prices, resulting in a downward trend for major petrochemical commodities like styrene. The increase in costs had a drag effect, causing market risk aversion and leading to a downward shift in mainstream market prices. Traders actively reduced their inventory, and there have been reports of profit-taking and low-price offers. Some domestic market prices even fell below the ex-factory prices. This dampened buying enthusiasm in the downstream sector, resulting in a slow transfer of spot goods in the market. As of Thursday this week, the mainstream price range for domestic ABS materials is approximately 1,342.47-1,575.34 USD/ton, reflecting a decrease of 82.19 USD/ton for the lower end and 54.79 USD/ton for the higher end compared to September 28th.

ABS Market Outlook

We expect the ABS market to consolidate weakly next week. The estimated mainstream price range for domestic ABS materials is around 1,328.77-1,560.27 USD/ton, with a decrease of 13.70 USD/ton for both the lower and higher ends compared to Thursday this week. The average price is likely to be around 1,438.36 USD/ton. Maintenance activities in October may increase, but they mainly focus on cleaning and purging, resulting in potential lower-than-expected maintenance losses. Furthermore, downstream sectors like major household appliances are still in their peak production season, but there is a risk of further decline in actual procurement quantities downstream due to advanced replenishment demand. The upstream market for raw materials is expected to experience volatile movements. Consequently, the market lacks driving force in terms of both fundamentals and costs, and the short-term market reversal momentum is insufficient.

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