CNPC H2464, New MPP Material Make Inroads into New Market.



CNPC H2464 is a copolymer of polypropylene widely chosen by customers for manufacturing solid and structured wall pipes used in underground drainage and sewage systems. This versatile product offers a well-balanced set of mechanical properties, enabling customers to achieve medium pipe ring stiffness and excellent impact strength. Its suitability for installations at room temperature and even in sub-zero conditions makes it an ideal choice for various applications.

Product Description

CNPC H2464, a modified polypropylene copolymer, exhibits exceptional mechanical properties. Customers rely on this product for the production of solid and structured wall pipes used in underground drainage and sewage systems. The copolymer’s well-balanced characteristics ensure medium pipe ring stiffness and excellent impact strength, meeting the requirements of different installation conditions, including sub-zero temperatures.

Market Research and Collaboration

Since 2019, we have conducted extensive market research and collected performance indicators for the complete MPP industry chain. As part of our commitment to excellence, we have collaborated with Daqing Refining & Chemical Company, known as the “China Petroleum Polypropylene Pipe Material Production Base,” to enhance production and sales. We have actively participated in the development of new national standards, aligning with international norms and considering future development opportunities.

New National Standard

The upcoming new national standard for MPP materials incorporates key indicators such as tensile strength, ring stiffness, and Vicat softening temperature. This standard, scheduled to be implemented in November 2023, plays a crucial role in advancing the national new energy industry and ensuring the safe protection of urban power cables. By adhering to this standard, we strive to promote sustainable development and support the growth of the industry.

Development Process and Continuous Improvement

During the development of CNPC H2464, Daqing Refining & Chemical Company demonstrated its strong research capabilities and extensive experience in pipe manufacturing. Our production, sales, and research teams have actively engaged with pilot production enterprises, addressing on-site production issues and adjusting indicator parameters. Our goal is to produce marketable products that exhibit superior performance, meeting the specific needs of our customers.

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