Simplifying Automotive Sourcing, Part by Part

We have established strong strategic partnerships to meet the requirements of Chinese automotive OEMs and Tier I suppliers operating within China. With a decade of experience in manufacturing and distributing high-quality thermoplastics, JHP provides comprehensive sales support, technical production assistance to the needs of every automotive OEM and Tier I/Tier II supplier. Our unwavering commitment to the automotive market has made it a primary focus for our company, and we have accumulated years of collective expertise in serving this industry, enabling us to maintain our position at the forefront.

JHP recognizes the vast diversity of applications within the automotive market, prompting us to expand our supply base and enhance our technical knowledge to cover nearly every aspect of a vehicle. Whether it’s interior, exterior, powerstrain, or considerations such as durability and lightweighting, we offer an extensive range of products to cater to these specific needs. With manufacturing partners located in various production facilities across China, JHP Plastic places strong emphasis on identifying the ideal material for each application. Our confidence lies in our ability to provide exceptional technical support, a customer-focused approach, and a deep understanding of the market, ensuring that every level of the automotive sector has the necessary tools to thrive and succeed in an ever-evolving marketplace.


  • The exterior appearance of a vehicle sets its personality and requires alignment with function and performance.
  • Exterior trim and functional hardware must withstand various elements.
  • Design criteria include aesthetic demands (color, texture, gloss), weathering resistance, safety performance, enduring strength, and haptic performance.
  • Our materials encompass ABS, ASA, PBT, PA6, PC, PC-ABS, POM, PP, TPO, with options for glass-filled, mineral-filled, and alloy reinforcements.
  • We support applications such as bumper systems, exterior trim, headlamps, cowl screens, door handles, outside rearview mirrors, wheel arch liners, wiper systems, rocker panels, and structural supports.
  • Our commitment to excellence validates our dedication to serving everyone in the automotive industry.


  • The appearance and feel of a vehicle’s interior are immediately assessed upon entry.
  • Interior trim contributes to the overall harmony of the interior space.
  • Comfortable seating is essential for long drives, prioritizing comfort.
  • High-performance vehicles require structural consistency.
  • Design criteria include aesthetic demands (color, texture, gloss), weathering resistance, NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) performance, enduring strength, scratch/mar resistance, and haptic performance.
  • Our extensive line of resins caters to these expectations, meeting application criteria that engage all senses.
  • Materials such as ABS, ASA, PBT, PA66, PA6, PC, PC-ABS, PE, POM, PP, TPO, with options for glass-filled, mineral-filled, and alloy reinforcements, are available.
  • Our material applications inside the vehicle encompass trim, seating, I/P (instrument panel), center console, door hardware, sound dampening, sunroof, visor elements, and more.


  • Under the hood, automobiles face the most demanding conditions.
  • We offer material choices to address propulsion or thermal solutions.
  • Our performance polymers are designed to withstand high temperatures, provide chemical or fluid resistance, prevent conductivity, and maintain structural integrity.
  • Our diverse portfolio of materials, including PBT, PET, PPA, PPE, PPS, PA66, PA6, PE, PP, with options for glass-filled, mineral-filled, and alloy reinforcements, meets the necessary design criteria for your application.
  • We provide objective solutions tailored to complex environments, ensuring the utilization of the correct resin.
  • Our approach to product development is comprehensive, allowing us to meet the varying demands of different applications under the hood.

The Future of Eletric Vehicle

Compared to traditional internal combustion engines, Electric Vehicles (EVs) present a different set of technical performance criteria. These criteria extend beyond standard physical and mechanical properties. In EV applications, materials must overcome more stringent requirements, including high and/or continuous temperature, high voltage, chemical resistance, and electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding.

These new challenges bring about new opportunities. With our years of experience in the automotive sector, JHP’s technical experts are well-prepared to match your EV application specifications with the resin that best meets your project’s needs.

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