Plastic Market Price 23/09/09

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Plastic Market Price 23-09-09

ProductWeek 33, 2023 (08/13-08/19)Week 34, 2023 (08/20-08/26)Week 35, 2023 (08/27-09/02)Week 36, 2023 (09/03-09/09)ChangeUnit
Low Melting Co-polymer1052.121072.441082.091108.9626.61USD/ton
HDPE Filament Grade1188.321208.171201.641220.9631.66USD/ton
HDPE Low Melt Injection Grade1116.551139.171139.031149.3829.64USD/ton
HDPE Small/Medium Hollow Grade1145.851162.591162.441175.7229.64USD/ton
HDPE Film Grade1195.61221.991214.841221.9217.5USD/ton
LLDPE Film Grade1173.151172.421172.671178.866.27USD/ton
LDPE Film Grade1371.211373.441371.211371.210USD/ton

In the Chinese plastic pellet market, the prices of various products have shown some fluctuations in recent weeks.

During Week 33 (08/13-08/19), filament was priced at 1013.07 USD/ton, while injection grade was slightly higher at 1019.95 USD/ton. Low melting co-polymer was priced at 1052.12 USD/ton, and ABS stood at 1386.19 USD/ton.

Moving to Week 34 (08/20-08/26), there was a general increase in prices across the board. Filament reached 1043.57 USD/ton, injection grade rose to 1050.82 USD/ton, and low melting co-polymer increased to 1072.44 USD/ton. ABS also experienced a slight rise to 1397 USD/ton.

Week 35 (08/27-09/02) saw a continued upward trend in prices. Filament reached 1052.62 USD/ton, injection grade rose to 1060.33 USD/ton, and low melting co-polymer increased to 1082.09 USD/ton. ABS showed a more significant increase, reaching 1413.77 USD/ton.

Finally, in Week 36 (09/03-09/09), prices continued to rise across the board. Filament reached 1080.24 USD/ton, injection grade rose to 1088.22 USD/ton, and low melting co-polymer increased to 1108.96 USD/ton. ABS experienced the most significant increase, reaching 1497.15 USD/ton.

Overall, there have been fluctuations in the prices of various plastic pellet products in the Chinese market in recent weeks, with some products experiencing modest increases and others showing more significant changes.

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