Polyethylene (PE) 2023 Week40 Price Index

Price Index

PE Price Index

PE Price Index

Usage ClassificationWeek 36 (09/03-09/09)Week 37 (09/10-09/16)Week 38 (09/17-09/23)Week 39 (09/24-09/30)Week 40 (10/01-10/07)ChangeUnit
LDPE Film Grade$1,299.13$1,303.28$1,307.53$1,294.45$1,286.30($12.83)USD/ton
LLDPE Film Grade$1,171.51$1,171.55$1,173.66$1,163.86$1,150.16($16.35)USD/ton
HDPE Fiber Grade$1,217.81$1,215.75$1,208.44$1,200.12$1,194.79($10.02)USD/ton
HDPE Low Melt Grade$1,144.03$1,147.89$1,149.52$1,133.15$1,120.29($11.74)USD/ton
HDPE Small/Medium Hollow Grade$1,172.26$1,172.70$1,171.23$1,156.28$1,149.35($8.91)USD/ton
HDPE Film Grade$1,223.90$1,226.43$1,227.81$1,212.20$1,202.74($10.16)USD/ton

PE Market Review and Analysis

The domestic PE market experienced downward price fluctuations this week. Linear futures showed signs of weakness, dampening the trading atmosphere in the spot market. Some petrochemical maintenance units resumed production, leading to a slight increase in overall supply. Additionally, as we approach the end of the month, downstream factories have mostly completed their pre-holiday procurement operations, resulting in lower market activity and softer spot prices.

Currently, mainstream prices for linear PE are in the range of $1132 to $1199 per ton, with a decline of $7 to $14 per ton. High-pressure PE prices range from $1225 to $1342 per ton, with a decline of $7 to $27 per ton. Most low-pressure PE varieties have seen price declines, with fluctuations ranging from $4 to $34 per ton.

Crude Oil Market Review and Analysis for the Week

The overall trend in crude oil prices this week showed initial consolidation followed by an upward movement. In the early part of the week, there was a period of consolidation. On one hand, the market gradually digested the expectation of a potential interest rate hike by the US Federal Reserve in November. On the other hand, there were repeated disturbances caused by issues surrounding the petroleum exports of a certain European country.

However, with the release of US petroleum inventory data, particularly the drawdown in inventories in the Cushing region, it triggered a squeeze risk in American crude oil, leading to a surge in American crude oil prices and a significant narrowing of the spread between Brent and WTI. As a result, oil prices experienced a noticeable increase after the period of consolidation.

The trend of crude oil during the week still provides support to the cost side of polyethylene, but its impact on polyethylene prices is mostly psychological.

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