LG Chemical-ASA-LI911

LI911 is a General Purpose ASA product for injection molding, designed to have good weatherability and high fluidity. Weatherability, High Flow

LG chemical-ASA-LI911


LG chemical-ASA-LI911 is a General Purpose ASA product for injection molding, designed to have good weatherability and high fluidity.


  • Weatherability
  • High Flow

Typical Applications-LI911:

  • Air conditioner grill
  • Sawing machine cover
  • Electrical/Electronic Products

Material Properties Table-LI911:

Performance ProjectPerformance Project 2Experimental Conditions [Status]Testing MethodTesting DataData Units
Physical PerformanceSpecific GravityASTM D7921.07
ShrinkageASTM D9550.4-0.7%
Melt Flow Rate220℃/10kgASTM D123820g/10min
Mechanical PerformanceTensile Strength3.2mm, Yield (50mm/min)ASTM D638500kg/cm2
Elongation3.2mm, Yield (50mm/min)ASTM D638>6%
3.2mm, Break (50mm/min)ASTM D63820%
Tensile Modulus3.2mm (1mm/min)ASTM D63822100kg/cm2
Bending Strength3.2mm (15mm/min)ASTM D790800kg/cm2
Bending Modulus3.2mm (15mm/min)ASTM D79023500kg/cm2
IZOD Impact Strength6.4mm, Notched, 23℃ASTM D25612kg.cm/cm
6.4mm, Notched, -30℃ASTM D2563kg.cm/cm
3.2mm, Notched, 23℃ASTM D25614kg.cm/cm
3.2mm, Notched, -30℃ASTM D2563kg.cm/cm
Rockwell HardnessR ScaleASTM D785107
Thermal PerformanceHeat Deflection Temperature6.4mm, Unannealed, 18.6kgASTM D64887
6.4mm, Unannealed, 4.6kgASTM D64896
Vicat Softening Temperature50kg, 50℃/hASTM D152596
Flame Retardancy0.8mmUL 94class
1.6mmUL 94HBclass
3.2mmUL 94HBclass

LG Chem

LG Chem is a prominent player in the plastic pellet industry, offering a wide range of high-quality plastic resin products. With extensive expertise and advanced manufacturing capabilities, LG Chem caters to the diverse needs of the plastics sector.

As a leading producer of plastic pellets, LG Chem provides various types of polymer resins, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polystyrene (PS), and engineering plastics such as polyamide (PA) and polycarbonate (PC). These plastic pellets serve as essential raw materials for a multitude of industries, including packaging, automotive, construction, electronics, and consumer goods.

LG Chem’s plastic pellets are known for their exceptional mechanical properties, thermal stability, and chemical resistance, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. The company focuses on producing consistent and high-performance plastic resins that meet stringent quality standards and customer requirements.

Furthermore, LG Chem places a strong emphasis on sustainable practices in the plastic pellet industry. The company actively invests in research and development to develop eco-friendly and recyclable plastic materials. LG Chem is committed to reducing the environmental impact of plastic waste through initiatives such as designing more sustainable products and promoting recycling and circular economy principles.

With a global presence and a commitment to innovation and sustainability, LG Chem plays a significant role in driving advancements in the plastic pellet industry. Its high-quality plastic resin products contribute to the development of efficient and environmentally responsible solutions for various industries worldwide.

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