PP-T30S is a low fluidity polypropylene homopolymer with consistent processability, easy orientation, and good mechanical properties.

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SINOPEC-PP-T30S is a low fluidity polypropylene homopolymer with consistent processability, easy orientation, and good mechanical properties.Product obtained by polymerization of propylene in presence of complex metalorganic catalysts.
It incorporates increased long-term thermal stability, thermal-oxidative degradation resistance during PP production, processing and use of PP-made articles.

Typical Applications-PP-T30S:

  • tape yarn for bags
  • baling twines
  • yarns

Material Properties Table-PP-T30S:

Performance ProjectPerformance Project 1Experimental Conditions [Status]Testing MethodTesting DataData Units
Basic PerformanceMelt Flow RateGB/T 3682Prime Grade2.5-3.5g/10min
GB/T 3682Grade 12.3-3.7g/10min
GB/T 3682Qualified2.0-4.0g/10min
Mechanical PerformanceTensile Yield StrengthGB/T 1040Prime Grade≥31.5MPa
GB/T 1040Grade 1≥30.0MPa
GB/T 1040Qualified≥30.0MPa
Other PerformancePowder Ash ContentGB/T 9345Prime Grade≤0.02%
GB/T 9345Grade 1≤0.03%
GB/T 9345Qualified≤0.04%
Cleanliness (Color Particles)GB/T 12670Prime Grade0-5pieces/kg
GB/T 12670Grade 16-10pieces/kg
GB/T 12670Qualified11-20pieces/kg
Equilibrium IndexGB/T 2412Prime Grade≥96%
GB/T 2412Grade 1≥96%
GB/T 2412Qualified≥96%


China Petroleum (Sinopec) is a leading player in the petroleum and chemical industry, renowned for its diverse range of chemical products. Sinopec excels in refining crude oil and producing a wide array of petrochemical products.

With a strong presence in the refining and petrochemical sectors, Sinopec operates numerous refineries and chemical plants, manufacturing various products such as ethylene, propylene, polymers, synthetic resins, and fibers. These products find extensive applications across industries including plastics, rubber, textiles, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics.

Sinopec is committed to sustainable development, emphasizing environmental protection and resource efficiency. The company constantly innovates and improves traditional petroleum and chemical processes while actively expanding its presence in clean and renewable energy sectors. Sinopec promotes the upgrading of petrochemical technologies, adopting environmentally friendly and efficient techniques to reduce carbon emissions and resource consumption.

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